Single or Multi Location Spas

Featured Spa Client:
Champneys Health Spa

A diagram of ResortSuite modules used by Champneys Health Spa including: PMS, spa, club, and sales and catering

Designed to manage all types of spas, the ResortSuite SPA software solution satisfies the multi-faceted needs of any spa operation. Its powerful guest profiling, multi-dimensional scheduling and booking capabilities help maximize your resources and minimize your booking time. ResortSuite’s multi-location capabilities support the management of multiple spa locations on a single database server while maintaining separate scheduling and product inventory for each location and sharing common information such as customer profiles and gift certificates across all locations.
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2 Ways to Utilize the Power of a Single Guest Profile

Integrated Approach

From spa treatments, classes, personal training sessions, to dining reservations, your front desk staff can get access to all information they need to know about a guest when combined with other ResortSuite modules or multiple spa locations.
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Multi-Vendor Approach

With the seamlessness of the fully integrated approach, the multi-vendor solution is best fit for multi-location spas that use a corporate standard for their POS systems.
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Enhance your guests’ experience by allowing them to book everything your property offers anytime, anywhere

The spa booking page of a mobile app made with ResortSuite Mobile
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Streamline your spa operations through tablet-based applications and web-based staff management systems

A customer questionnaire example from our tablet-based spa check-in app
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Our module-based solutions can integrate with existing
vendors or run your entire operation.

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