ResortSuite WEB 3.0 Selected as a Finalist for the 2017 HTNG TechOvation Award

Web Booking 3.0ResortSuite WEB 3.0 uses a scalable user interface – allowing guests to personalize their stay anytime, anywhere.

ResortSuite’s latest release of its online booking engine – ResortSuite WEB 3.0 – has been chosen as a finalist for this year’s Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG)’s TechOvation Award. The TechOvation Award recognizes and rewards new products and services within the hospitality technology industry, and the final competition will take place at the 2017 HT-NEXT event in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, April 11th.

Industry studies have shown that today’s travel consumers have come to expect a seamless booking experience. There has been a demand for the freedom to explore and book all services, programs and activities with a single electronic payment. ResortSuite WEB 3.0 allows hotels, destination spas and resorts to go beyond just reserving a room when it comes to online booking.

“There are a lot of hotels and resorts where guests visit them for their spa, wellness experiences, golf or a certain local activity. It’s not their intention to go there and spend time in a room. In some of those properties, the contribution to revenue of the room is actually second or third on the list to things like food and beverage, spa or other aspects but the booking experience typically still focuses solely on the room-only reservation”, says Frank Pitsikalis, Founder and CEO of ResortSuite.

Sixteen contestants originally entered the competition by submitting a video of their innovative product. According to HTNG, these videos, hosted on HTNG’s YouTube channel, have garnered over 66,000 views and 12,200 “likes” collectively from 76 countries across the globe. HTNG members, as well as the general public, selected three of the semi-finalists by “liking” the videos. In addition, a judging panel comprised of over 25 industry leaders voted to select the seven remaining semi-finalists. The ten semi-finalists now move on to present live at HT-NEXT on Tuesday, April 11, 2017. In this round, judges will select three finalists followed by a live audience vote to determine the winner of the 2017 HTNG TechOvation Award.

“We are very proud that ResortSuite WEB 3.0 has been selected as one of the finalists for the 2017 TechOvation Award. There have been so many different technologies and approaches focused on online booking for rooms but there’s very little being done to make revenue-generating amenities easily bookable for guests. Our team at ResortSuite is excited to show the industry that providing just one online booking portal (for rooms, spa, dining reservations, tee times, activities, ski lift tickets, member portal and gift cards) can be a great way to engage guests by allowing them to define their own personalized experience. This also helps hotels and resorts in increasing direct booking revenue and in decreasing their dependence on generating online booking revenue from OTAs.”, says Pitsikalis.

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