Death by Overlay – PMS Check-In

Death by Overlay – PMS Check-In
By James Drozdiak

I recently heard yet another overlay technology was released promising to integrate with your PMS vendor’s solution.  This one, a PMS check-in app that sits on a mobile device allowing the front desk staff to step away from behind their barrier to greet guests wherever they may be – lobby, curbside, etc.  It seems that where there is a gap in the underlying PMS technology, another vendor pops up to provide a Band-Aid solution.  Pretty soon, your IT organization is spending all its time responding to breaks in this quagmire of disparate systems. What this app lacks, yet again, is seamless integration.

In a world where hospitality continues to struggle with interfaces among the many vendors they choose to operate their property, ResortSuite is the integrated answer to this problem.

RS vs Typical

The ResortSuite PMS Check-in App, created specifically for this personalized interaction with guests, is already fully integrated with the ResortSuite solution without managing, paying for, and/or maintaining costly interfaces.  It provides real-time information about a guest and their stay plus any additional amenities they have booked to fully enjoy your property and, of course, signature capture for check-in registration.

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