The ResortSuite Modular Approach:

Fully Integrated or Multi-Vendor Solutions

The modular and scalable design of ResortSuite supports the needs of many different types of operations. Any ResortSuite module can operate in a completely standalone fashion or as part of an integrated solution tailored to the needs of your specific property.

We can run your entire operation or integrate with existing systems to add functionality where you need it.

A diagram of ResortSuite modules a property might use to fully run an operation
Learn About our Fully Integrated Solution

Our Fully Integrated solution utilizes our core PMS and POS software to run your business. You can choose which additional modules are right for you. You can also add any of our tablet-based OPS and Marketing and Analytic Add-ons as you see fit!

A diagram of ResortSuite modules integrated alongside other vendors
Learn About our Multi-Vendor Solution

Our Multi Vendor solution allows you to pick and choose what modules are right for your specific property. We easily integrate with other industry-leading vendors such as Opera, LMS, Galaxy, Infor HMS, to provide the ultimate guest experience property-wide.

Either way, our single database solution ensures a single Guest Profile property-wide allowing you to truly know your Guest.

Our module-based solutions can integrate with existing
vendors or run your entire operation.