What Can My Spa Do to Prepare for the ‘New’ Guest?

The future is bright for wellness. While we have all been through a tough year, the outlook for the wellness industry is positive. People are focusing more on their health (downloads of health and fitness apps grew 46% globally in the second quarter of 2020 according to a recent MoEngage and Apptopia study). They are … Read more

Death by Overlay – PMS Check-In

Death by Overlay – PMS Check-In By James Drozdiak I recently heard yet another overlay technology was released promising to integrate with your PMS vendor’s solution.  This one, a PMS check-in app that sits on a mobile device allowing the front desk staff to step away from behind their barrier to greet guests wherever they … Read more

Horizontal Complexity

Horizontal Complexity By James Drozdiak Many resorts, destination spas, and other multi-amenity properties have issues with multiple solutions to address the various needs of their property. This may involve a Property Management System, Spa software, POS, and dining solutions. Regardless of the size of the property, this can cause issues with integration, guest service, marketing, … Read more

The Importance of Real-Time Reporting

It wasn’t too long ago that financial staff could take their time assembling, analyzing, and packaging financial data for executives. It took a little while to massage the numbers, and that wasn’t a problem because the competition was at times moving at the same pace. Times have changed.  Decision-makers now expect information immediately. Business decisions, … Read more