Horizontal Complexity

Horizontal Complexity
By James Drozdiak

new_hexagonsMany resorts, destination spas, and other multi-amenity properties have issues with multiple solutions to address the various needs of their property. This may involve a Property Management System, Spa software, POS, and dining solutions. Regardless of the size of the property, this can cause issues with integration, guest service, marketing, and administration. At ResortSuite, we call properties that have many amenities and areas of operations (rooms, spa, activities, golf, ski, members, dining, catered events, etc.) “horizontally complex”.

Properties with horizontal complexity have unique challenges with ensuring guests get the highest level of customer service regardless of where they are interacting with staff across the entire property. With disparate systems, it’s difficult to get a single view of the customer and be able to know all of their preferences and alerts if these systems do not speak to each other. This can result in potential double bookings, preferences not being applied to that amenity or service, and lack of ability to post from one system to another without a lot of manual data entry.

The use of a single guest database for a ‘single guest/member view’ allows a horizontally complex operation to provide a seamless experience for both staff and guests. The principal benefits of ResortSuite’s ‘single guest/member view’ architecture are management efficiency and substantial cost reductions through the elimination of unnecessary interfaces, hardware costs, associated software maintenance, and duplicated labor.

The ResortSuite solution is designed such that key information is managed centrally and shared across all operational areas and locations including guest profiles, accounting, and employee information.  At the center of the ResortSuite solution is the guest. Each guest’s history is maintained centrally, which means all of the information regarding a guest: their preferences, reservation history, retail purchases, contact notes, health considerations, and more, can be available at any time to your entire operation.

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