ResortSuite at a Glance


ResortSuite is a fully integrated hospitality management software solution that provides a unique, easy to use, guest-centric offering that combines common core capabilities with rich domain expertise in every operational area. A fully integrated management software solution, ResortSuite helps you operate your property from a strong, unified base while still enjoying a complete 360 degree view of your entire operation and each guest’s experience.


ResortSuite is built on Oracle, the industry leading database software and provider of business critical information systems. It is complemented by a rich development methodology, meaning all ResortSuite modules are consistent, well-designed, fully integrated and easily configurable. ResortSuite also has a powerful architecture that was designed to quickly address change. It was designed as a single enterprise-class software solution that supports the needs of horizontally complex hospitality and leisure properties. Key information is managed centrally and shared across all operational areas and locations. This includes:

  • Guest and member profiles
  • Gift certificates
  • Accounting information
  • Employee information

At the center of the ResortSuite solution is the guest/member. Each person’s history, whether they are an existing guest or a member of a club, is maintained centrally. That means all of the information regarding a person or group; when they played golf, room reservations, spa treatments, dining activity, special requests, health considerations, and more, is available at any time to the staff at the operation.

This architecture also provides a high degree of consistency in the application. For example, the point of sale functionality and inventory management capabilities are identical in every application. This makes learning and managing the solution very simple and user-friendly.


One Vendor. One Database. One Guest.