Hotels & Resorts

Streamlining Operations is Essential. Personalizing the Guest Experience is Key.

ResortSuite was built to manage all facets of your hotel or resort operation. It eliminates cumbersome system interfaces, enabling your hotel or resort to run its entire property, or multiple property locations on one database server. This elicits tremendous benefits to your entire resort operation, including, Customer Service, Operations, Inventory, Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, and Management. The most valuable benefit is the deep customer knowledge that is accessible through a single customer record/profile. A customer, including his or her history, interactions, and preferences, are available throughout the entire resort or sister resorts. The modular and scalable design of ResortSuite supports the needs of many different types of hotels and resorts. Any ResortSuite module can operate in a completely standalone fashion or as part of an integrated software solution tailored to the needs of a specific property.

The ResortSuite Solution for Hotels & Resorts is Comprised of:


Consolidating information directly from ResortSuite’s integrated solutions, ResortSuite DASHBOARD allows you to drill-down into existing rich data to deliver real-time business intelligence.

ResortSuite also extends this unique, guest-centric design with data mining capabilities and integrated one-to-one e-Marketing, Social Networking, Web and Mobile user experiences.


One Vendor. One Database. One Guest.