Increasing Accuracy, Simplifying Input & Check-out Processes, and Maintaining Sales & Inventory Controls of your Retail Operation

ResortSuite RETAIL is a customer-centric retail management software solution that is fast and simple to use, yet captures rich information about your customer’s past purchases and preferences. Centralized real-time inventory, speedy transaction processing, gift card/loyalty card management, and comprehensive reporting provides a superior level of customer service that guarantees your shelves are stocked, your products are moving, and your profits are soaring.



  • Manage gift certificates, gift cards, and loyalty programs centrally eliminating the need for 3rd party solutions.
  • Perform integrated debit and credit card processing over high speed internet.
  • Utilize a customer database feature to track specific customer retail purchase history.
  • Service high volumes of customers and avoid lengthy line-ups at the cash register.
  • Utilize powerful reporting tools to analyze your business performance and observe your operation form a 360° perspective.
  • Generate comprehensive daily sales, products, staff, and payment interface reports.
  • Manage real-time product ordering, receiving, adjustments, pricing, and sales activity automatically.
  • Receive current company-wide information for a retail chain operation.
  • Benefit from a simple, fast, and highly effective user interface.
  • Organize your retail location’s workflow with standard retail best practices inherent in ResortSuite RETAIL’s management capabilities.


Oracle Database

  • Benefit from the leading ORACLE database server, its incredible performance, scalability and reliability.
  • Enjoy maximum up-time, business critical, enterprise level technology.
  • Prosper from centralized management, centralized back-ups, remote management, and automatic system updates.


Integration with other ResortSuite Software Applications

  • Share and access one customer profile from any or all other ResortSuite software applications: PMS, SPA, CATERING, GOLF, CLUB, SKI, F&B, and CONCIERGE.
  • Produce detailed property-wide reports for Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Management departments.
  • Post charges from any module to ResortSuite PMS without interfacing (PMS Folio Invoice can show line by line details of charges posted from other ResortSuite software modules).

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