CONNECT (e-Marketing)

The internet has fundamentally changed they way you interact with your guests. Email marketing, or eMarketing has become the most common and cost-effective way of communicating with today’s techno-savvy customers. Did you know email is the most broadly used communication channel and is the most likely to drive increased purchase intent among the largest number of online consumers?

Welcome to ResortSuite CONNECT, a dynamic and fully integrated eMarketing solution introduced to allow ResortSuite users to extract property-wide guest information to create targeted, customizable and revenue-generating email messages. It ensures the right guests are being reached with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.


Personal. Manageable. Measurable.

How did we do it? First, we increased the functional capabilities of our existing Marketing Campaign Wizard by expanding its data mining capabilities. Meaning,  you  can create targeted subscriber lists by drawing guest information and activity from ResortSuite’s central database.  or example, you can quickly generate a subscriber list that includes all female guests who have stayed on your property for at least 2 nights, received $300 worth of spa services, and spent $200 in your dining room.

Second, we enabled users to set-up an email marketing campaign queue that will automatically send emails to the defined subscriber list generated by the Marketing Campaign Wizard. This was accomplished by integrating ResortSuite with ExactTarget – an industry leading email marketing service. Along with marketing campaigns, the ResortSuite – ExactTarget integration also allows you to distribute personalized, triggered emails, including Reservation Confirmation, Cancellation, Reminder and Post Stay letters.

Lastly, once your emails are sent, you can track the campaign’s effectiveness in real -time.  Delivery, open, and click-through rates are just a few of the statistics accessible through Exact Targets’s Tracking tool.  For instance, if you create a “Join us for the Holidays” campaign and include a coupon button in your campaign email, ExactTarget’s tracking tool will show who opened your message, who clicked on the coupon and whether they forwarded your message to their social network.


Create. Deliver. Share.

You know your guests are engaged in social media, but how well do you control what they are saying about you? ResortSuite Connect – ExactTarget Integrated Social Media and Social Forward Marketing tools can help you manage what your guests are saying and allow them to share your social content with over 20 online social networks, including Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Social Forward helps you grow your subscriber lists, track interactions and deepen customer engagement, while allowing your guests to choose how they share your messages in the social media world.

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