The Online Booking Experience

The Online Booking Experience
By James Drozdiak

webTo think that satisfaction with airline travel is at an all time high (JD Power and Associates, May 2013) is counter-intuitive to what you might be thinking. However, the fact is that more airline passengers are happier today than ever before due to the ease of travel. The modern-day traveler cites technology as the main factor in their responses where they can book online, check in online, purchase food online and make changes as needed online. What if your hotel or resort guests could feel the same way?

When your guest books a vacation, they want to book more than just their room. If you are a destination spa, they want to book treatments and other services such as dining, golf and tennis. Allowing the guest to book their entire experience while at your property provides an enhanced level of satisfaction with their stay. Giving guests the opportunity to book everything online and make changes to their stay, activities and services provides the same level of enjoyment airline passengers are experiencing today.

When looking for a solution to deliver this kind of experience for your guests, look for an integrated hospitality management solution that provides an online booking system for all your amenities.

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