To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Integrated Hospitality Management
By James Drozdiak

question-cloudWith the advent of the cloud, nobody is sure what that means to them. Cloud can simply be your own private data center, or private cloud, that maintains security within your own network. A true “cloud” solution hosts your customers’ data on the cloud vendor’s hardware requiring your data to reside off site and not necessarily in your control. As I sat next to an IT Director for a German bank on a recent Disney cruise with the family, he said they are not going anywhere near the cloud as of yet due to the “security” concerns. They are completely a “private cloud” shop where they host their customer data in house in their own data center.

As Louis CK once said back in 2012: “I think people are a little naive about what they’re giving away,” he says. “There’s this new thing, the Cloud. They want you to go the Cloud, and they are selling it as a great idea. Just, ‘You don’t need your stuff. Just give it to us; we’ll keep it on the Cloud.’ And you’re like, ‘Really? Those are my pictures,'” he continues. In his video from the Jimmy Kimmel show, Louis C.K. expresses suspicions about handing over photos and data to the network of servers known as the Cloud.  We’re all likely guilty of trusting these all-magical storage spaces. After nude photos of female celebrities were leaked, however, many began reconsidering their trust in the Cloud’s security.

Therefore, there are many considerations when choosing to go to a Cloud vendor to run your mission critical business.  One consideration is the ability to run successful target marketing campaigns.  An integrated solution allows you to target your customers based on their entire experience with your property, not just portions of their stay.  By having a central guest repository, you can look at your customer from their entire spend and segment accordingly to deliver the highest value target marketing campaigns.