Integrated Hospitality Management

Integrated Hospitality Management
By James Drozdiak

As the new head of sales at ResortSuite, my inaugural blog will be on Integrated Hospitality Management.  I’m looking forward to writing weekly on topics of interest in the Hotel, Destination Resort and Club industries.

James-bio2Today’s hospitality management systems are pieced together using interfaces to pass data between the applications running various parts of your operation.  Property Management Systems (PMS) run the rooms, Spa software for the spa, Food and Beverage for restaurants and Retail systems for onsite shopping.  With each interface comes complexity, cost, and the potential for errors and security breaches.  These interfaces may only pass summarized data to other systems without detail that customers may want.   For example, someone having a spa treatment would like to charge the services back to their room. The summarized information from this transaction is passed to the PMS and only the total amount is shown on their room invoice.  However, the customer may want an explanation of the spa charges to understand what the total amount consists of. This is where the fun begins.  The front desk must now contact the spa to get the itemized list of the services performed and products purchased. This not only takes away time from the staff managing the spa, but they must produce a hard copy of the invoice and send it to the front desk using the old fashioned way – walking. Another issue that arises may be that the spa is closed at that time and no itemized list can be generated until the next day leaving the customer waiting for this information or they leave without resolution.  Both are not good scenarios.

An integrated solution allows full itemization and transfer of charges to any area of the property.  A guest may not even be staying at the resort, rather comes in for a spa service and lunch in the restaurant.  The customer may want to charge their spa service to the restaurant invoice or vice versa.

An integrated solution also allows you to target your customers based on their entire experience with your property, not just portions of their stay.  By having a central guest repository, you can look at your customer from their entire spend and segment accordingly to deliver the highest value target marketing campaigns.